Lombardy Hotel Ghareeda

New York: As a society we are fail because we say one thing and we do the opposite of what we preach and that is the reason for our failure as a society and as a nation. Ghareeda Farooqi a TV anchor has been exposed by her fellow TV anchor and she is now finding no excuse for it.

So many times we have seen programs in which the TV anchors have stormed someone house especially of some high position government officer or of some political figure, but this time it was none other than their own fellow. Ghareeda Farooqi is quite an aggressive anchor person and she is very close to PMLN.

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While the channel which broke the news is not very fond of PMLN and other TV channels because they will always talk about the corruption of the government and many things like that. The girl found out of her house was a 15 year old and she has been abused and hit by this so called representative of human rights.

She tweeted that by calling a lady into the JIT for investigation the Supreme Court has disrespected a women and when they have checked into her own house they have found humiliation of a girl and violation of human rights and a crime of child labor.

This is the time of media and social media and you should be ready for your own accountability. People now a days will upload anything they spot against law on the social media.

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