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London: We have said a lot about the issues which you have to face as a society of illiteracy and ignorance. And when that ignorance is believed to be based upon the religion than the loss is far greater than what we can think off. If we think about people going to shrines and saints for the blessings of their worldly affairs and external affairs most of them are ignorant and illiterate.

Among those people are highly educated people who are scientists and doctors and many other who top the other fields of life. But they do certain things which they believe in the name of religion and yet the religion has nothing to do with it.

We have heard a lot about fake peer or spiritual healers. They are not only healer but they are believed to have supernatural powers as well. These people can take advantage of innocent people who believe on them. And if it is women she has to pay something which they would prefer over death.

Molesting women is common at the hands of these people. But there are some women who are getting involved in these things also. The power of blind believe works with everyone and it is the simplest thing which you can use in ignorant societies to make people believe in such things. When we read religion it has nothing to do with such kind of things.

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