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New York: Nawaz Sharif is in deep trouble and he would not have guessed this would happen to him. He thought that going to Supreme Court will protect him and it indeed did protected him. But only to sink him deeper in trouble. The Supreme Court is not willing to give any chance to Nawaz Sharif for his crimes which he has committed in past.

IT will be a good option that they do not let him run away with all the money which he has looted over past 30 years of this poor nation. Nawaz Sharif thought that it would be a routine Supreme Court hearing and he was very happy over the decision of Supreme Court.

But when the court told that they are not going to let anything happen to the sanctity of the court and the JIT the troubles started for Nawaz Sharif. Now with the two hearings of sons of Nawaz Sharif the situation is not very good.

Next Ishaq dar will be investigated by the JIT and after him it will be turn of Mariyam Nawaz. The last and the big investigation will be of Nawaz Sharif himself and that will be a treat to watch kind of thing. We will have to see if Nawaz Sharif respects the JIT or not.

Apperently he has no chance of another option. But they are trying to threat the JIT and Nehal Hashmi episode was one of those attempts. We will have to wait and see what happens now.

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