Man Vs Wild – Encounter in India

Since centuries, animal hunting has been a regular trait of man.Hunting in wildlife and hunting of feral animals has been the most frequently practiced method implemented by humans for food, clothes, utensils, or even trade. In the modern day world, hunting has been categorized into lawful and unlawful huntings. Animals eligible to be hunted down include mammals and birds, and it still is a very common practice for African native hunters to hunt down buffaloes and other livestock for food and shelter.

Hunting however, is not as simple as it seems. Out in the wild, these hunters encounter a host of problems, not just the prey themselves. The following video shows an animal hunting session from somewhere in Africa, where three hunters find an army of 15 big full grown lions standing between them and a dead buffalo.

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The lions seem as hungry as ever, as they are noticed feeding onto the buffalo for dear life. The three men are no match to the strength and the ability of the lions, but one area where they are superior is the mental ability. The hunters decide to pull together, and they do so. Marching towards the lions with slow and steady movements, the brave hunters manage to scare the lions away to allow them to cut off a good portion of meat and walk away with it.

This was the perfect example of how hunting can be done without getting involved in extra gore and violence. Sometimes brains and unity can work better than muscles, and these three hunters showed us all exactly that.

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