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IT seems that the time has come for the end of political career of Nawaz Sharif. The report of JIT clearly shows that he is proven as dishonest and corrupt Prime Minister. But he will not resign as we know the nature of our politicians. They do not care about the self-respect all they care is to stay in the public office.

Nawaz Sharif is conducting meetings with his staff and close friends in the party and they are discussing about the ways to deal with the case. The Supreme Court is yet to give a decision but it seems that Nawaz Sharif has very few options up his sleeves.

Meanwhile his personal position is at stake there are some within the party who will look forward to save the party rather than saving a personality. That is why some people are looking towards some senior members of the party. Ch Nisar and Shahid Khaqan abbasi are among the strong candidates for leading the party.

And Shahbaz Sharif might lead the party but Nawaz Sharif is not ready to let go at any price. He will fight till the last chance and he knows that if he is given punishment he will have no future in politics. Shahbaz Sharif has good relations with the establishment than Nawaz Sharif and he is acceptable choice also for them.

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