The marriage ritual in India

India is a huge country and diverse in culture and religion. That is why the secular country has to be secular at least by the constitution. The rich and diverse culture of the Indians have some beautiful things and some very bad customs. And marrying a woman with two or three men is a normal thing in a certain part of India.
Two brothers who are in forties have lived there life in Himachal perdesh. They share everything a house living and a Bride too. They have same wife and they have lived for more than twenty five years. This is not common but it flourishes in remote part of Himalayas.

These marriage are for the tradition which says that a girl will marry to all the brothers. There are many women who are married to two men or more than two men in case of more brother. There are certain things which need management. And if you look at it there are many things which are missing.

People are simple and their life is very simple. They do not have envy and enmity. The people are very satisfied and they have no regrets in continuing the tradition. They say that this is a custom which helps every one. The main reason for the kind of marriage is economics.

The men are pretty much use to this and they have no problem. But the young girls do not have that kind of sentiments. The custom and ancient tradition may fade away. Until that happens the life will be same for men and women here in this part of India.

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