Marvi Memon in Past

That is such a shameful thing to do in any civilized world to change your political party. But in Pakistan this is the most successful way to go up the ladder by changing parties. There are some politicians which you will always see in the government and some political parties too.

Among political parties we can say that JUI the Molana Fazal Ur Rehman party is always been in the government. No matter what whether it has been the political government of the dictatorship we found Molana always on the government’s side.

Marvi Memon was brought into the politics by Musharraf and he was the god father of her. And as soon as Musharraf left the government or we should say he was forced to resign Marvi Memon left the PMLQ too. Because she knew that the coming future belongs to the PMLN.

And we thought to show some past clips of MArvi Memon so that she knows about her past. In the past she was the opponent of PMLN and she spoke very harsh words against the PMLN leadership. One wonder how they can sit together with some to whom they have spoken bad words. Marvi said that they harassed women and they abused them.

Now she sits with the same people and works with them day and night. No one is accused and everyone has become a saint. This are all political stunts which they keep on doing. There should be some criteria that if some one leaves the party he should be banned from politics forever.

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