Marvi Sarmad Thrashed by Kashif Abbasi

Marvi Sarmad has an introduction as the member of SEFMA. But now she is know as the one who fought with Hamdullah. She was on TV talk show after the famous fight with Hamdullah. She was talking about the Panama issue and she accused every media person of supporting Imran Khan.
The point of discussion was the Panama issue and she said that every one in the media is talking about Panama and they have highlighted the issues. It was not of that much importance the way media has given it attention. And she also supported the Nawaz Sharif for lying in the house.

According to Marvi Sermad the statement of Nawaz Sharif at the floor of parliament were a political statement. And when she was asked by a guest whether she knows what it means to speak in parliament and tell a lie. She started smashing Imran Khan.

Kashif Abbasi was sitting there and he was silent until the illogical logic of Marvi Sarmad crossed a limit. She even could not understand that there is a need of hour that Panama issue should be solved. Kashif Abbasi said that he can defend his own perspective. He says that there is single point agenda and that is why the Pakistani institutes do not take any action.

Why the Parliament is not taking this issue. Why the Nawaz Sharif and his family did changed their statements at different forums. Kashif Abbasi said in hidden words that Marvi Sarmad hates Imran Khan and nothing else.

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