The master plane for rigging is ready

Nawaz league consists of professional riggers. These people know how to win elections by doing rigging which is common and by doing that kind of rigging which the people do not understand and the courts too cannot give verdict against them.

Imran Khan has been speaking for the election reforms and step to ensure the free and fair elections. But innocent Imran Khan and PTI will never know that the PMLN is very sharp and in fact the PMLN and PPP are to sides of a same coin.

Imran Khan and his party were very successful in the petitions on the four constituencies in Punjab. But they could not prove rigging. And even the commission said that there were irregularities not the systematic rigging. PMLN starts rigging long before people even think about it.

Like they did in the 245 by elections where the speaker Ayaz Sadiq was contesting against the Aleem Khan of PTI. PTI was busy enjoying the reelections and PMLN was busy in changing the UC and other details by the government machinery. Same is now happening and PTI is busy in some other things. The Punjab government is bringing back the old commissioner system.

The government is now thinking of using the civil administration. They have given all the power to the DC and DCOs are replaced by DC. The Police will work under DC and he will be the most powerful man. And they will appoint them just before they will leave the government. And before anyone will know they have their own men in key positions.

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