Meera Sethi in Mazakraat

Najam Sethi needs no introduction and his family is also a much known family. Wife of Najam Sethi is a famous journalist and their children are artists. The whole family is known to the people of Pakistan. But Najam Sethi has made some real recognition among the people of Pakistan off late.

Meera Sethi teh daughter of Najam Sethi is a Model a TV actress and she is a very talented lady. She was invited in a comedy show Mazakraat. The show basically discusses almost everything which is happening in Pakistan. She was invited along with Ayub Khosa.

Ayub Khosa is a very famous man in Pakistan. He is the face of Quetta and people recognize Baluchistan due to his face. Ayub Khosa is a legend and he is been there for a long time. Meera Sethi is relatively new to the TV and she is making her name slowly. But as yet she has only one identification and that is of her father.

The whole team of Mazakraat has really gelled up together and they make a real show out of it. The host has really managed show very well after the departure of Noman Ejaz. People though that it would be tough but it was manageable.

This is a very good trend in Pakistan and it was set by Aftab Iqbal of doing comedy on the politics and different issues of the society. He paved the way for the stage artists who were performing at stage but they did not had any place on the main stream media.

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