Mubashir Luqman breaks a story about Javaid Hashmi

Javaid Hashmi is one again in the news. He has claimed few things related to the protest of PTI and what they wanted to do and what was the real plan. But people are not taking him seriously. He is a mental patient and he will say things like that because his political career is over and he wants to have a break.
So what is better than saying few words against PTI and Imran Khan. And this particular time is important because they believe that this might help them taking the attention off the Panama leaks case. The court is all set to hear the case once again.

Mubashir Luaqman has claimed that he knows and it has been claimed by the local actress that Javaid Hashmi is her husband. And this will be the second marriage of Javaid Hashmi. There is not shame in it but there is shame when you are trying to hide your second marriage.

This means that that you are afraid of showing your hidden marriage to the people and society. Where as the marriage feast is conducted in order to show that the couple has got married. Keeping it secret raises many questions. Javaid Hashmi left Imran Khan at a very crucial stage.

And whatever he is doing now will not help him at all. He has no future in politics and he must have kept his respect intact which he unfortunately is not. Imran Khan has not responded against what he says. He was the president of party when he left the cause.

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