Mubashir Luqman shows the real face

When it comes to the investigative journalism there is not one better than Mubashir Luqman. He has a team and they work day and night and after they have everything and proofs they conduct the show. Mubashir does not stick to one particular topic.
You will see him touching almost every topic. In today’s show he was giving his opinion about the different anchors in the year of 2016. So he started from some big names and without any fear he said that Reham Khan lost his credibility and rating.

When she got married to Imran Khan that was the time when people started watching the show and it was a buzz for the people. And after her divorce with Imran Khan her shows were attractive for the people but she could not maintain the interest of the people and ultimately the channel asked her to leave the show.

Mutiullah Jan is not much known but he is an angry man and most of the times he is on the PTV. People on the private channels do not see him often. Javaid Chaudary got famous due to his column in the Express newspaper. But when he joined as anchor he became predictable.

He comes and shares a story with audience. And he cuts the story there and introduces the panel. Then after asking few questions and taking breaks he ends the show with the story once again. So people are getting use to it and he has lost his rating a bit.

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