Nawaz Sharif at InterContinental New York Barclay

New York: Today for the first time in the history of Pakistan Prime Minister of the country is being called upon by the Joint investigation team and he is appearing before it. And the credit goes to Nawaz Sharif according to some but in fact that is not the truth. All the credit goes to Imran Khan and hi party who has pushed Nawaz Sharif to this level where they have no other choice left.

The PMLN workers are trying to portray that Nawaz Sharif is appearing before the JIT with his will and he does not know that if he resists the investigation of the JIT the court will fire him for not observing the order of the Supreme Court.

Yousaf raza Gilani a Prime Minister was fired by the court when he failed to follow the orders of the court and in that way an elected PM was sent home. So Nawaz Sharif is not experiencing something weird and unique he has no other way.

While we are watching that the PMLN leaders are trying to push the JIT under pressure. JIT has submitted its report in the court that they have received threats and the institutions are not helping the investigations and they are manipulating the documents and evidences.

This is why our democracy is not giving us what we want. Some families have ruled the country and they have hijacked the system. While people wait outside for the progress of JIT Nawaz Sharif is inside the Judicial Complex to answer for his corruption.

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