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Muslim all across the world are celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan. The spirit of Ramadan is to feel the hunger which poor and under privileged people feel across the world. And it is to show gratitude to Allah for his blessing which he has bestowed upon us human beings.

The true spirit of Islam teaches us to feel for human beings and also tells us that there is nothing like superstitious in Islam. Meanwhile some people have taken advantage of the ignorance of common people and have used their week knowledge to gain benefit.

We have heard so many cases that women are being disrespected in the name of the religion and someone called spiritual healer takes advantage of them. These incidents happen regularly in our society and yet people do not stop believing on such craps. The state also does not take action against such frauds and police is not interested in such things.

But slowly and steadily the next generation of people is learning that this is not Islam. Islam cannot be like they portray. It is a practice religion which teaches us real things in the life. And the religion gives us light and knowledge not it takes us away from light.

These examples show that those who fell trap to such people are actually running being materialistic things and they reap what they sow. The cash which they receive in this path is disrespect at the hands of these frauds.

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