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New York: Recently there is a lot of tension in the Middle East. Not with respect to the Iraq but with respect of Kuwait. Out of nowhere the four Arab countries have sever ties with Kuwait and they have also closed the air space for the Kuwait.

The allegation is of supporting the Iranian and terrorist’s organization in the Middle East. The American president Donald Trump visited the Saudi Arabia and after that everything has happened. The Saudi rulers are very cruel when it comes to the Muslim world. They will go to extreme levels to destroy the government of anyone trying to oppose them in the region.

The tension started when the Kuwaiti news agency site quoted the ruler of Kuwait by saying that they support the Iran and they are against the agenda of US and Saudi Arabia in Middle East. The Kuwaiti foreign Minister has denied the reports and said that the site was hacked and the news is fake.

But to no avail everyone seems to have closed their doors with the Kuwaiti government and in near future we could see further tensions in the region. The US is sitting quietly behind this and they are no one but the sellers of the arms.

They would like to increase their market and look for new potential buyers. The Americans are playing a bad game once again and Saudi rulers are supporting them once again. Along with the UAE and other regional countries.

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