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New York: Iqrar Ul Hassan is a very daring man and he makes sure that whatever show he presents to the people makes them proud of Pakistani media and especially Iqrar Ul Hassan. He has been jailed for his efforts when he conducted a show about the lack of security in the Sindh Assembly and he was kept inside the Police station for two nights and he did what he had in his mind.

Now it was time for someone from media. We know that media people are very strong and they can manipulate anything in their own favor and that is the most difficult thing to do when it comes to reporting against their own community.

ARY is the only TV channel which has the power and courage to do this and only one man in the world could have done that and he did it and it was Iqrar Ul Hassan. He has said that the girl which was found out of his home has been tortured and she has been starving for days.

An audio was leaked in which Ghareeda was abusing the lady who brought that girl to the house of Ghareeda farooqi. It was recorded and later on leaked on the social media. It seems that Ghareeda Farooqi did not have any idea of what was going to happen with her. Iqrar ul Hassan thrashed her and used very harsh words to condemn her knowing that they would use their own media platform against her.

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