A note from the Diary of Indian soldier

The Kargil war did not changed the position of Kashmir but what it did was the change of regime in Pakistan. The government of Nawaz Sharif was ultimately thrown off and Musharraf took over the power. Both claim that the reason was Kargil.

Nawaz Sharif says that the Army was losing the battle of Kargil and it was he who went to US and asked for the inter mediation of US president to help Pakistani soldiers get out of that region. While Pervaiz Musharraf says that the Pakistan army was so close to the target that if Pakistan would have taken the Kargil the Kashmir was almost in the hands of Pakistan army.

Today we are sharing the other side of the story. The Indians were ready to go for the full scale war and they had deployed their army along with the border of Pakistan. This deployment along with the pilots of the fighter planes were given guns and Pakistani currency in case they crash.

The plan of Indian air force was to attack suddenly at the Pakistani air bases and destroy them. The talks had already failed between Pakistan and India. The Indians were thinking that there was no chance they would be interrupted by the Pakistan air force.

These are the wishful thinking of the Indians. And practically they are not equipped to face the challenge and Pakistan. Pakistan is at war for the last 10 years and they have a lot of experience. While the Indian military is outdated and they have no practice of war.

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