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New York: There are very dangerous roads around the world famous for the dangerous curves and path. These roads are not roads in fact they are the pathways which are formed within the mountains. Some of the deadliest roads are located in Nepal where people find it pretty hard to go to the main cities for their routine work as the roads are not easy.

Most of these roads are in mountainous regions and people who live in these mountains have no sources other than these roads and they only ride by buses. As the condition of roads is very bad so people prefer not to buy their own vehicles.

Those who can afford something would like to buy a donkey or a horse so that they could ride them or use them to transport goods from one place to another. These areas have population of humans but they do not have that much of facilities available.

When we talk about Pakistan we also have mountains in our northern parts and the condition of roads is much better than what we are watching in Nepal and these areas. There can be some tough areas but the network of roads have extended to every corner of Pakistan.

People find it not too hard to travel and as there are roads in the area people have their own means of transportation and they use these things. The beauty of these areas is so much that tourists from around the world come here and enjoy.

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