Oil Tanker issue

An animal attack has been reported on a trail near the picnic point in the forest. As per the local the Rangers who look after the safety of the people present in that public area, they are investigating the incident for this moment.

The Rangers has stated that at this moment they are investigating an animal attack and not which animal did make this attack. They said that the news coming out that a mountain lion carried this attack is false.

They said that this area is having a lot of bear activity and there are strong chances that a bear carried out this attack. The man who has been injured in this attack has been taken to the hospital and his identity is kept secret for the moment.

The Rangers also said that they have always mentioned in the past and even now that people who come to this picnic point should keep a watch around because of the presence of bears. There has not been any lion sighted as per the people who were present there. At this moment the place has been evacuated and the authorities are investigating the attack. There are chances that within a few days the whole details of the incident will come out.

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