Pakistan Dramas These Days

Signs of anti-Islam moves have surfaced in New Zealand’s capital Auckland. Several posters and slogans directed against Islamic sentiments were noticed on Sunday morning, with most of then going viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

That board was stolen right on the brink of Easter, and has just as of late been replaced. Today, the congregation found the words “Islam Hates Us” stuck over the substitution.

The first announcement demonstrated Donald Trump saying “I don’t care for washouts”, with an executed Jesus portrayed out of sight.

Neighborhood MP David Seymour says while it’s not an astonishment, it is baffling. He says the vandals have abused the Church’s right to speak freely and private property, two things any Western culture ought to remain for.

Leader of the Islamic studies research unit at the University of Auckland, Zain Ali, said he thought the remarks on the announcement were misguided scorn discourse.

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