Pakistani Cinema following in the Bollywood

There is no doubt that the Indian Cinema Bollywood is the second largest film industry of the world. But the Indian have their own culture and audience. We cannot just follow them and do whatever they do. If we try to copy them in order to revive our cinema.

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There are many things which we need to improve to bring back our Cinema industry. Pakistani Cinema was very good until it was over crowded with Punjab i films. The Cinema industry of Lahore was full with Punjabi loving people and producers and director thought that after the hit of famous Moula Jatt this was the cheapest formula.

Mula Jutt was itself a big hit but the trend which Mula Jutt set became the reason for the death of Pakistani Cinema. After a long time now we have some educated brains coming to this field. And with the interest of big media houses we are seeing some good productions coming out.

This has helped the Cinema industry a lot and mature people with education and are coming to the big screen in every field. Off lately Ashir azeem the director of famous TV drama Dhuwaan released his movie Maalik. Unfortunately the government did not liked the subject of the movie.

Teh movie was not aired at any Pakistani Cinema. But the movie of this kind is being shown on the Silver screen. How can we expect with these kind of things that people will come to Cinemas. The environment has become much better but still we need to make quality content.

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