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Yesterday a man attacked Sheikh Rasheed outside the parliament and no one tried to stop that man from attempting the aggression. After that the Interior Minister took the notice of the incident and that man was arrested. This was just another follow up of the behavior which PMLN has created against their opponents in the assembly and in the Judiciary and JIT.

Some people are saying that the PMLN is deliberately creating that environment in the national assembly because they want to create an impression that they are against JIT and they do not like the investigation and in the end everything will be fine and ok from JIT.

This is the history with PMLN that they always get benefit from the courts and JIT are nothing but a routine procedure and nothing happens after their reports. Our history is full of such JITs and people are not very hopeful with this JIT as well. There are many reasons not to be hopeful and very few reasons to be hopeful.

The Supreme Court is doing all it can to make sure that the JIT works in a free environment and everything goes in a transparent manner. The way JIT is working is not pleasing the PMLN worker at all and that is understandable.

The attempt to show that JIT is biased they have released the picture of Hussian Nawaz to get the sympathy of the people of Pakistan. And unfortunately they have got what they targeted.

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