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There are some myths regarding marriage and first night among people where pre-marital relationships are not allowed or permissible. We must look into things that shape the concept of such kind. The reasons are not too deep they lie in the fabrication of the society and things like that.

People made their mind especially men have certain kind of mentality developed and they see marriage as a very narrow thing which is only related to some physical things and physical needs. And when they are unable to have fun and enjoy marriage like the way they have perceived than they develop  psychological issues and things start to crack a bit,

But regarding women we do not listen thing about marriage. Most of the times they are on the receiving end and they are oppressed in a society where men dominate. But this was something different and this was never expected of a woman. She killed her husband on first night and the reasons were unknown.

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Women are possessive but they do not go to such kind of extremes but as human we cannot predict what an individual might do. Whether it is men or women there should be counseling before marriage and proper institutions should be set up to make sure that the couple takes in marriage as a responsibility not as a facility. When they will take the responsibility they will start to enjoy the marriage and they relationship. It will be more comforting and more satisfying for them.

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