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London: Today we saw the next level of attack from PMLN. They have threatened the JIT and Judiciary openly and now they are playing against the opposition leaders. Why they chose Sheikh Rasheed because the media is very fond of Sheikh Rasheed and they give him maximum coverage.

And sheikh Rasheed is not that powerful like rest of the political leaders. PTI is an ally of Sheikh Rasheed but they will not stand with him. When the PTI announced the lockdown of Islamabad a day prior to that it was Sheikh Rasheed who said that he will be at the heart of Rawalpindi and he was.

But no one from PTI showed up and Sheikh Rasheed had to face the music by him and he won appreciation of people from around the country. The attack on Sheikh Rasheed is an open threat and everyone knows that the person who was there trying to hit him came with a PMLN leader at the parliament house.

Sheikh Rasheed is a man who is darling of public and he will not be persuaded by these kind of cowardly attacks. He lives among people without protocol and he hides among people. It is not very easy to reach to him and harm him. All people of his vicinity will stand with him and protect him. The reason is very simple he knows each and every one in Rawalpindi and he is like common people.


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