Politician caught red handed

Unfortunately the law is only for poor people in Pakistan. The NAB will catch the poor man who might have done corruption of 200 thousand. But they will spare who has done corruption of 200 Million. The examples are in front of us.
Same is the case with all other crimes. We will see powerful politicians along with their private gunmen waving their weapons and no body dares to stop them. While we see the poor man who might be booked for having a gun for the protection. We have seen that corrupt political elite is wondering freely and a thief who stole a loaf of bread from a hotel is in jail.

We have also seen that the Honorable Supreme Court has released a man after they found him not guilty. And that was after 30 years and after his death. And this is not the first and not the last case. And we have seen that Supreme Court Chief justice saying in functions that the institutes are not working properly and opt for delaying tactics.


And we see that Honorable Chief Justice delay justice. And we also know that Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. So in a country where corrupt people are respected and honored we see law serving them. A revolution is needed and a realization is needed.

We need to educate people and educate about what. Simple thing that they are being exploited and used by a political mafia. A police raid at a local Guest House in Islamabad someone was caught but he was powerful and hence he was released.

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