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The reports have started leaking from the JIT. The court has said that all the 9 volumes will be given to public while the 10th volume of the JIT report will be kept confidential. And it is obvious from those reports that the JIT has advised the Supreme Court that Nawaz Sharif and his family has failed to prove the money trail which they claim.

And they find Nawaz Sharif and his family guilty of the allegations put against them in the Panama Paper case. The mood of the court was very aggressive today. Nawaz Sharif has not a chance to survive and he is now in very deep trouble. Meanwhile we will have to see whether the Supreme Court gives any respite to the Sharif family or not.

We will have to look out for the final decision and till that happens it seems that Nawaz Sharif will opt for full aggressive policy and he will not back out from it. Meanwhile we will have to see that what the establishment does.

The Supreme Court has a very strong support in the form of PTI among public and Imran Khan has already said that he will be in the streets and will protect the Supreme Court from the aggression of the PMLN.

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