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Nawaz Sharif is not loyal to the country and this has been proven not once not twice but many times. And he has taken decisions which have been proved fatal for the country. Nawaz Sharif fired the Army Chief when he was out of the country and he ordered that the plane of Chief of the army staff should land in India.

And that was a complete security risk for the country. These politicians have also gone to the extent of throwing away the nuclear bomb of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari has their businesses outside the country and they can go to any extent just to protect their own personal interest not the interest of the country.

Nawaz Sharif is always against the military establishment because he knows that the Pakistan army is always ready to protect the interest of the country and he is always looking to protect the personal interest. He has spoken openly against the two nation theory and ideology of Pakistan. Now the nation has one politician upon whom we can trust and we also have media free of government’s pressure.

The Supreme Court is also very tough now a days on anything against the law and anything which is against the dignity of the rule of law. The Panama paper case is one example of it. Nawaz Sharif has been involved in plotting against the country and he has assured his Indian counter parts of so many things. The only hurdle is Pakistan Army.

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