Private School parties

Private Schools association are a mafia in Pakistan. They have formed an organization and they do not care about the orders of the government and they do not teach the syllabus which is taught in Pakistan. Pakistan is an Islamic country and the syllabus is taught so that the Children learn the Islamic concepts and religion.

But these private schools are spreading the agenda of western governments and NGOs. In the name of cultural shows and festivals they are arranging dance parties and pool parties. Parents do not know what is happening in these schools and children do not know about the sensitivity of these issues.

A TV channel has taken up this issue and raised it on the media. Now there is someone in the government who is taking account of these things. Pakistan cannot afford such kind of culture and Pakistan is under immense attack of ideology from within the country and from outside the country as well.

The liberal and seculars are being funded to storm the ideology of Pakistan and Islam. They want us to forget our ideology and they also want people to limit the religion to their homes. No one wants to talk about the religion in public.

And people will not understand this as a matter of fact they are becoming a part of this change. It is the time we need to be alert and we need to make sure that our next generation learns the lesson about our ideology and our roots.

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