A professor of Karachi University suspended

A cyber crime team has arrested a professor of Karachi University. The professor was involved in uploading pictures of his fellow female professor. He wanted to blackmail her and when she did not responded to his threat he did it. The University management has suspended that professor.
This is such a shameful thing and when you see that a teacher was involved in this. What can we expect from the generation he is teaching. The Universities are the sacred places like place of worship Here we learn and teach and these places are the foundations of our society.

Fortunately the cyber crime law has made it possible to catch people like this professor. We need to evolve our system according to the need of the hour. Things have changed so much and we need to change our law also. The students should be educated about their rights.

So often female students are subjected to harassment by the male teachers and professors. They have no place where they can submit their application and hope to get justice. This man should be made a lesson for all the teachers. His crime is not just that he did leaked the pictures.

He broke the trust of millions of students and fellow teachers. In already conservative society it is difficult to have girls in the universities. And if things like this start to happen the parents will not send their girls to the university for getting education. We need to make our universities an example for the society to follow.

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