PTV and drama

The commercialism has overtaken everything. The morality ethics and all other things which do not have physical existence are getting out of human life. The aesthetic sense is dying while the animal instincts of human nature are taking over. There was one thing in Pakistan which use to be the guardian of our value and a safe house of it. It was the national Television PTV.

But those days are over now and PTV is also in the race of ratings and money and commercialism. So when you run for these things you are destined to lose the quality. And you are bound to do things which otherwise are not on your menu.

The PTV which was not only a Television Channel it was our heritage and a nursery of artists. Many world known artists and people related to literature and art were the product of PTV. People learned the ethics from PTV and it had a great impact on our daily life.
People had only one option and yet they never got bored. There were few days when you could see the roads fully empty because it was the favorite Drama of the people. Such a powerful heritage and when you compare it with the PTV of today we feel ashamed.

Fortunately those who laid the foundation of this TV channel did not have to see the day we are seeing. They would have died of heart attack. We still have time to recover and we still can take back the values of ours.

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