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Islamabad Police conducted raid on a massage center in Islamabad. To the surprise of Police there were many people including a very famous MNA and a famous actress. The Police did not wanted the matter to get the attention but the video was leaked somehow.

Now we will have to see whether they take any action against the accused persons or not. And if we see that in Pakistan the mighty do not get caught but if they do get caught the law protects them. MNA will get out eventually and he will once again go back to the national assembly.
So this is the fault of our system and this is the weakness of our system. When Lal Masjid operation was conducted the Cleric of that mosque accused that there are many hotels in Islamabad running under the nose of Police and all other agencies yet they are doing nothing.

we may have many differences with that cleric but the point which we want to prove here is that when the Police and other agencies do not take action against crime. People get frustrated and they take steps by themselves. These thing at a larger scale lead to the phenomenon of terrorism.

Those arrested here include girls of Russian and other countries. So basically the powerful people are running this place. And the owner told the police that they will get out eventually. Because so many MNAs and other powerful people are their customers. But the system and law are only for poor and weak in Pakistan.

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