Rare pictures of Nawaz Sharif

The 2016 has ended and the new year 2017 has started. There were people saying that the 2016 will be the year for the elections. But Nawaz Sharif has proved everyone wrong. It might not be his achievement but weakness of his opponents but he is going strong.

The NEO Television has released some pictures of Nawaz Sharif which are rare and never seen before. These are actually family pictures and in these pictures we see a very gentle and kind father having a great time with the family. And he is soft spoken in real life also but he could not deliver or did not wanted to or he had some other purposes.

Teh new year has began and Pakistan nation will be looking at the Supreme Court once again to look into the matter of Panama case. This will be a big land mark for the nation. Imran Khan hopes that he will be successful and the lawyers of Sharif family say that they have a strong chance of winning the case.

People may agree or disagree with the decision of the court but one thing is clear that we will move forward. The next year is the election year and we are going to see a lot more political activity. Imran Khan should focus on the future now and plan a strategy.

He is already blaming the election commission. And by doing this he is not helping his cause at all. Imran Khan must now show some progress in KPK and some development.

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