Rauf Klasra reveals the inside story

Javaid Hashmi is in and he has all the attention of media and social media. People may not take him seriously at the moment but he has damaged no one but himself. He was seen as an Icon in the Pakistani politics and people knew him by the name of Traitor. He was respected in all the political circles until the last few steps of his political career.
Javaid Hashmi has come back and once again he is speaking the same language. But there is a change this time. Javaid Hashmi claimed that it was the military who wanted to establish the Martial law. And now he is claiming that it was all the Judiciary which was planning to over throw the government of Nawaz Sharif.

He might earn a ticket from PMLN for his effort but the people who loved The Javaid Hashmi who was the traitor now hate him. He was proven liar and he is once again fabricating things against Imran Khan and PTI. Rauf Klasra said that there were investigations going on inside the PTI when Javaid Hashmi was in PTI.

And the investigations were about the corruption of money. And there were evidences and proves available for his corruption. And this was the real reason for Javaid Hashmi to leave PTI. The excuse which he made was a fake one. And now whatever he is saying is all lie. Javaid Hashmi was political ideal for many aspirants. Now he has ruined his life and his career and his name also.

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