Real face of Maya Khan at The Watson Hotel

The Holy month of Ramadan is passing and it is fifth of the Ramadan. Muslims across the world are doing whatever they can to make sure that they collect all the blessings of Almighty and ask for the forgiveness of their sins. But there is a race in Pakistan for the TRPs and ratings as usual among the media channels.

If we look at the TV shows almost 05 years ago we will witness that the time of Ramadan was the best time. The religious scholars would give lectures and there would be Naats recited and valuable information shared of Islam.

Now things have changed and changed a lot. The game shows and the prizes which are given during the transmission with the kind of games being asked to play from people by the hosts actually make fun of common people. And in return they give a Motorbike and something like that.

There is another trend also which is very bad. The TV channels will ask anyone to host the show of Ramadan. They will not bother to see that the person conducting the show has the personality or image of conducting a religious show or not.

Actress and singers and dancers are given the responsibility to teach the religion to the common people. This time around there was a lot of pressure on the PEMRA to take action and a code of conduct for the period of Ramadan was also issued. But it seems that no one bother to follow it.

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