Reham Khan and her reality

Reham Khan had a following when she first appeared on the Pakistani media. She was liked by people and a few knew that she has worked for the BBC. Teh major twist in her life came after she interviewed Imran Khan. And it was that interview which changed her life.

The start of her changed life was very good. She got married with Imran Khan and became a national Bhabi. She was all over the  media and one of the most googled woman of Pakistan. But things inside the house were not getting better. Imran Khan and Reham Khan were not having a good time at all.

Imran Khan did not wanted her to take part in the politics. But she had somethings in her mind and she had some targets. Which were not possible to achieve with Imran Khan in the way. And unfortunately Imran Khan was the only ladder which she could climb and reach the top.

Reham Khan and Imran Khan eventually separated when things did not worked out well. That day meant that Reham Khan is finished. She tried to make an impact and she was given a job in another Private Channel but she failed to surprise people.

She actually went on for personal vendetta and she could not grab audience. The channel owners asked her to leave the show and they ended her program. Now she is no where and she does not come on TV quite often now. People back here who supported her are now hating her.

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