Reham khan at YOTEL New York Times Square

New York: Reham Khan has once again shown that she has some psychological issues. She was invited at a local gathering where she had to give a speech. But she didn’t showed up and the reason was very simple. She wanted protocol which was not given to her.

The organizers are annoyed over her behavior and saying that they will not invite her in future to their events and functions. Reham Khan should learn that the respect is earned and not demanded. She should not look for the short cuts rather she should make her name as a journalist.

Reham Khan’s marriage was a best thing which happened to her but she was in a hurry to become something. Imran Khan had made it clear that she will not be part of politics but she did and that was the reason for the separation of the couple.

Reham Khan was offered a show by a local TV channel but her demands and her behavior became the reason for her failure. The TV channel asked her to leave and they hired someone else. Now all she has is the charity programs and if she continues to behave like this she will lose this opportunity as well.

Reham Khan should focus on her social work programs. And she can attract people who will support her cause. Reham khan is making a film which will be released very soon. And we hope that her movie gets some attention and success so that she has something to cheer upon.

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