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London: Haroon Rasheed and Hanif Abbasi had a fight during talk show. We know tha Hanif Abbasi is famous for this kind of behavior and he speaks against the PTI leader in the same as he spoke against Haroon Rasheed. Haroon Rasheed is a much known journalist and he has a reputation of being a very sound supporter of PTI and Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is a strange character people who supported him through his early days have left him and he is gathered around by bunch of floor crossers of other political parties who change their seats frequently. Now Imran Khan is just like all other party leaders looking to bring in the elect able people into party without considering their past and criminal and corruption history.

Meanwhile coming back to the topic Haroon Rashid and Hanif Abbasi was present in a TV show where they were arguing about something and Harron Rasheed was accused of being drunk by Hanif Abbasi. This was a very bad allegation against him and he got furious over it.

Haroon Rasheed is a religious man and he is not that kind of a person at all. Haroon Rasheed could not control his emotions and slammed Hanif Abbasi with few words. This is the kind of political culture which is developing in Pakistan.

People of Pakistan are with Imran Khan but they do not vote for his candidate in elections. This is a big question as why this happens. PTI has started taking in the corrupt people from other parties as a strategy and we will see what happens.

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