Sahir Lodhi and Reema

Sahir Lodhi is the shahrukh Khan of poor people as they say in Pakistan. This is not a respect but a sarcastic statement about him. He has only one quality and that is he copies Shahrukh Khan. He is basically a TV host and morning show host. The only male host among all the females doing morning shows.
So it basically summarizes about his quality as anchor. In his show he had  invited Reema. Reema was the top film heroin of her times. And she was very beautiful and graceful as she is at this moment. But she got married and left the silver screen.

To her surprise Sahir Lodhi got so much excited upon having her in his show. He actually hugged her and this was not a good thing to do. We do not say that he did something bad bud that was not appropriate for audience in Pakistan. Reema was not expecting it also as she was surprised at this sudden hug.

She said that Sahir Lodhi must try to avoid it next time. The audience was also shocked at this. When Reema was working in the industry is was the dying moments of Pakistani cinema. And she was the only one along with Shaan who gave some life to the Cinema. And after this successful couple the industry died.

The industry is now coming back to life as the new artists and directors are coming up. The young blood has the education and idea. The will definitely raise the film industry to the new levels.

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