Scam of Javaid Hashmi

So when Javaid Hashmi will speaks things against Imran Khan he will have to catch few things thrown back at him. Non other than Mubashir could have things of each and every individual in Pakistan. Mubashir Luqman conducted this show right after the traitor left the party.
This was such a shameful thing for a man like Javaid Hashmi to act like that. If he had differences with Imran Khan and party policy he should have separated himself a lot earlier when he came to know the plans of PTI. And he comes back once again after two years and tell the public what Imran Khan wanted.

The real thing is that the people do not care what Imran planned all they wanted to see is the downfall of Nawaz government. But unfortunately this did not happen. And If somehow Imran Khan would have succeeded Javaid Hashmi would have said that it was his idea.

In a TV show Javaid Hashmi was claiming that he rescued the democracy when he told everyone about the plans of Imran Khan. Such a coward he is when the time came he ran away from the scene. Imran Khan was right there when shelling was done by the police at red zone.

Javaid Hashmi had a great past and he was very well respected in the PTI and Pakistan. But his latest stunts have made him a villian in the eyes of public. Javaid Hashmi can now gain nothing but disrespect. And he should have become the neutral politician like Nawab Zada Nasarullah.

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