Secret parties in Saudi Arabi

A video has been circulating on the social media in Saudi Arabia. This video has sparked rage in across the country. The religious Police is looking for those involved in what has been shown in the video. For other part of the world this may be a normal thing.

Mixed Party Video Leaked in Saudi Arabia by aamadmi
But for Saudi Arabia this is not normal at all. Saudi Arabia is the center of the Islamic world. All the holy places of Muslims are in Saudi Arabia. It is the only country in the world where you will find no Cinema no Bars and nothing of that sort. And Saudis are proud of it because our religion does not allow these things.

But there are some people there too who find it hard to bear the prohibitions of the religion and they carry on some kind of activity hidden in their places. Police does not raid the houses without any warrant of permission. But if they have the evidence they can raid any place.

A video was released on the social media and it was claimed that the video is of Saudi Arbians having party in a hidden place. Saudis are outraged over the video where men and women are mixing with each other and dancing. There is a strong reaction on the social media.

Government will now take action as it is against the ethics and law. People involved are in real danger and they would have been thinking why they did this. The result of this thing will make them regret doing this party.

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