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London: Imran Khan is very happy after his struggle has found success and he is able to show the people of Pakistan that Nawaz Sharif and other political parties are corruption mafias. The time will tell what decision the Supreme Court of Pakistan makes about this issue.

Meanwhile PMLN is ready to face the challenge and they are planning a strategy to politically tackle this issue. Nawaz Sharif in his speech once said that if JIT finds him guilty he will resign from his office and will no longer loot out for immunity.

The Supreme Court will examine the case and the report of JIT and will give final verdict. Imran Khan said that he will accept the decision of the court and he has proven it before. He had accepted the case of rigging the way Supreme Court solved the issue.

But it seems that PMLN will not accept this decision if it is against them and they will also try to put whatever pressure they can on the court. A very systematic campaign is underway through media and social media to prove Nawaz Sharif innocent while the world mocks the Sharif family for the insult they are getting for themselves.

Imran Khan has not said anything harsh till now and has demanded that Nawaz Sharif should resign and he should let someone else to take his place. Nawaz Sharif might not accept this and he might look for the extreme options available to him.

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