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New York: Pakistan is a Muslim country and people here have a certain mind set. They will not talk about certain things openly like in west. And in the same manner there are no issue like the western world is experiencing. In Muslim word we have no issues like that but some people might find it attractive to follow the pattern and footsteps of Shaitaan.

The major issue is with the main stream media of a society whatever they will portray people will accept it slow. They will inject people with certain kind of thoughts and slowly and steadily the things which were unacceptable start becoming acceptable for everyone slowly.

Likewise once our TV dramas use to be the reflection of our culture. The writers and directors along with the cast of the drama had morality and moral values. But now a days the standards are pretty low. People will not watch the dramas which show morality and ethics.

They will go for those topics which are discussed in the western world and western media. No one wants to get involved in no issues but the TV channels show these things and people start to think that this is an issue.

Our media regulatory authority PEMRA was established to look into the matters of this sort. But unfortunately it has proved to be a tool for the political government and nothing more. The Chairman of PEMRA is supporter of the government and they do not bother about these issues at all.

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