Son of a politician caught

Regrettably the law is most effective for terrible people in Pakistan. The nab will seize the poor guy who may have performed corruption of 200 thousand. However they will spare who has executed corruption of two hundred million. The examples are in front folks.

Identical is the case with all other crimes. We will see powerful politicians along with their personal gunmen waving their guns and no frame dares to forestall them. At the same time as we see the poor man who might be booked for having a gun for the protection. We’ve got visible that corrupt political elite is wondering freely and a thief who stole a loaf of bread from an inn is in jail.

We’ve got also seen that the honorable very best court has launched a man after they found him not guilty. And that turned into after 30 years and after his loss of life. And this isn’t always the primary and now not the final case. and we have visible that ultimate court docket leader justice is pronouncing in functions that the institutes are not running well and opt for delaying methods.

And we see that honorable chief justice delay justice. And we also know that justice not on time is justice denied. So in a rustic wherein corrupt humans are reputable and venerated we see law serving them. A revolution is wanted, and attention is wanted.

We need to train human beings and train about what. A simple thing that they are being exploited and used by a political mafia. A police raid at a neighborhood visitor house in Islamabad, a person, became stuck. However he becomes powerful, and for this reason, he changed into release.

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