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Imran Khan’s slogan when he took to the streets against the rigged elections of change is now becoming a reality over the province of Khayber Pakhtoon Khwa. KPK where the party of Imran Khan Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf won the elections and formed their own government.

The people within and outside party who support Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf complained and advised Imran Khan to bring the change in his province so that there could be an example for people and a reality. Things over KPK are getting better day  by day where slowly and steadily things are getting better. There is a huge amount of improvement in Poilce of KPK and people are satisfied with them.

Many other institutes where people have their business matters are also being watch and monitored very closely so that people may be facilitated and feel the change promised to them by Imran Khan and his party. People will not follow any one blindly now as those days are gone now and every thing is so transparent and in front of every one no one needs to do any special research to determine the progress made by the particular party.

Imran Khan keeps on visiting KPK and they keep planing new things and improvements for the people of KPK. Recently he with the chief minister of KPK were live on radio where people called to register their complains and problems.

A man put forward the problem of a girls school in a remote area closed since seven years. The next week after the program the school was made operational and open for girls to study and learn.

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