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London: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is becoming the B company of the all the PPP and all the corrupt elements of the rest of the political parties. Either they have been thrown away as garbage or they were corrupt and have no chance in future. Most of the members of the PTI and now from other political parties and this is what people get in the name of the change.

Imran Khan is the only man and perhaps he loves to be Prime Minster as soon as possible. He ignited youth with one slogan and that was the slogan of the change. Unfortunately he could not do it. He broke his own principles and people sitting around him are none other than all broken members of other political parties.

PTI has failed to show anything in the KPK province. There are few things which they have done and they boast it as a change. But the condition overall is the same and there is no change in the province which would impress voters of other provinces.

Imran Khan is a politician who is best suited as opposition. He can create pressure on the government but he needs to learn that people will not vote for him. People will not support him if he has the same kind of people like other political parties have.

Ali Ameen ganda Pur is Provincial minister and he has a reputation which is not hidden from anyone. We think that it is time the PTI followers protest against elements like this.

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