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London: Pakistan is a so called democracy in which some families are ruling and taking turns. But their dreams was shattered the day Imran Khan entered the main stream politics to serve the country. The struggle was not very easy and it took many years almost two decades to make Imran Khan a great leader and he is still learning by his mistakes.

We know that our Prime Minister once said on a live TV interview that if people or Pakistan are not happy here in the country why they don’t leave the country. This is a statement of the head of a country and people should be ashamed of electing them as their leaders. In fact it is not the people who elect them it is the system which supports them and they support the system.

Once wife of a Pakistani Prime Minister lost a million dollars in a casino and when casino management took notice that who was that lady they were shocked to see that she was the wife of a serving Prime Minister at that time. She said that she was very upset over the treatment which her husband was given.

Later on it was proved that the money was paid from the governments treasure and was included in the expenses of the PM’s visit. This is a shameful incident and this is not the only incident to happen. There are so many examples which show that how our elite is looting the country with both hands and no one can stop them.

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