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The government of Pakistan which is led by the PMLN is in deep trouble at this time. And if we look at the plans of the Sharif family and the cabinet of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif they are asking him to stay firm in his office and there is no need to leave and resign.

This is so called democracy which is worse than the monarchy of any kind. Nawaz Sharif is no one but a party candidate and he should step down if he wants to make things go smoothly in this country. But no one is sincere with the country. Each and every politician in Pakistan is doing politics for their own purpose.

There are reports of rift within the party of Nawaz Sharif and if Nawaz Sharif tries to resist the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan there will be huge problem. The Court will do whatever they can to implement their decision.

And we know that the institutions are being controlled by the Sharif family because they have appointed their favorite people as the Chairman and heads of these institutions. So we will have to see but the Supreme Court has already announced that the institutions have failed and in this regard an FIR is launched against the SECP chairman.

The days for Nawaz Sharif are over and so are of the corrupt elite. We will see that after Sharif family another big fish will be caught. It seems that the cleaning process has been started and this time the process is little bit different.

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