Students in Universities

The level of studies in schools have gone very low these days and it is almost important for parents to arrange for the extra coaching classes for children at homes. This puts extra burden on child and the child starts taking stress in his mind at the very early age. London institute of studies have conducted a search operation.

According to the study the children who are given less homework and are taught in a friendly environment end up being more successful and intelligent. London having the world class school and educationist have did a research on the children and have undergone tests.

London schools have developed special kind of syllabus for the children and they are doing better than those children who are given a lot to study. The problem is that in sub-continent the education means a lot of marks and grades. The parents and schools put so much pressure on the students that they should get marks.

The more child friendly environment will give the ability to think and react to different learning tactics. The methods should be improved and more and more improvements must be made. There is another issue which is not so much reported that is the child abuse.

Some parents have made these sort of complains while some children have face harassment but they did not reported anything like that. Either they were not given so much confidence by the parents or they did not have the courage.

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