Talat Chaudry and a PMLN worker

Talal Chaudry is doing what he can to be a shield for Nawaz Sharif. He faces all the hate of the people and acts like he does not feel insulted. But one thing is for sure after all the service of Talal Chaudary he is still ignored by Nawaz Sharif and Mariyam Nawaz.
Even Shah Mahmood Qureshi in the National Assembly asked the Nawaz league to give his a Ministry. This time Talal Chaudary has faced yet another humiliation. He was called by an unknown man and he introduced himself as the Manager of PMLN in United Kingdom.

Talal Chaudry was actually being pranked by the caller and he wanted to show him the real face and record it. Later on the recording was uploaded on the YouTube. He was so easily manipulated by the caller. Talal Chaudry started abusing that fellow and he was already prepared for it and he did not stopped either.

This is the level of Talal Chaudry and this is not the first time he has faced humiliation and this is not the last time either. Till Nawaz Sharif is alive the life of Talal Chaudry will remain the same. He will keep on waging his tail and he is going to get nothing.

Nawaz Sharif on the other hand has not even considered him for something important. His only function is to face the abuse and humiliation at the hands of people and anchors. Nawaz Sharif should give him the status of Federal Minister for Humiliation.

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