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Nawaz Sharif said that they are ready for any kind of investigation and the Supreme Court ordered a Joint Investigation. When the decision of the Panama paper was issued everyone was happy including Nawaz Sharif including the JIT and everyone was celebrating. But as the time is passing by Nawaz Sharif is realizing that things are not that easy as he thought it would be.

JIT is not giving any easy options to the Sharif family and they are actually under a lot of stress and pressure. Hussain Nawaz was called three times and he was questioned for a period of almost 7 to 8 hours which is long enough to make anyone nervous. And that too for the consecutive three days.

His brother Hassan was also called for questioning and he was too investigated for many hours. These investigations also include the time which they made them wait for one hour or two. The thing is when the children of the rulers will have to wait for interrogation they will learn the true meaning of being under stress and pressure.

Hussain Nawaz spoke with the media on three occasions and he was trying to show that he is not worried at all and he is strong enough. Supreme Court is right behind the investigation and it seems that Nawaz Sharif will be removed from his seat. But the shameful thing is a corrupt man ruled over a nation for thirty years or so and after him his children will.

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